Zombie Frappuccino will give you a sugary death

The Zombie Frappuccino is available from Oct. 26 to Oct. 31. Photo by Jackie Cohen

The Zombie Frappuccino at Starbucks has enough sugar to bring back the undead.

A tall Zombie Frappuccino has 35 grams of sugar and costs $4.75, while regular frappuccinos of the same sizes are usually $4.45. The drink is only available Oct. 26 to Oct. 31.

The frappuccino, which is apple- and caramel-flavored, definitely matches the pumpkin patch fall aesthetic. The green apple-caramel base has “blood” dripping down, which is called zombie mocha drizzle, according to Starbucks’ website. The zombie mocha drizzle takes some time to drip down the apple-caramel base, but as it does, it looks more like blood. It is topped off with “brains,” which is pink whipped cream, said a barista at Starbucks in Carmel Valley.

Every time Starbucks releases a limited-time frappuccino, it’s odd that it doesn’t use more normal flavors. The Halloween frappuccino available in the U.K., the Vampire Frappuccino, consists of mocha with strawberry syrup. That sounds a lot more appetizing – and normal – than a bright green caramel apple frappuccino. It seems like Starbucks is trying to make its drinks sound healthy by making them fruit-flavored, but the closest thing the frappuccino had to fruit was fruit and vegetable coloring, according to the drink’s ingredients on Starbucks’ website.

To create this aesthetically pleasing frappuccino, baristas use a lot of food coloring. The coloring on the Zombie Frappuccino, however, was much less intense than the Unicorn Frappuccino’s colors, which was available April 19 to 23. With its slightly tamer pink and green coloring, which are much more common on the Starbucks menu than bright blue and hot pink, the Zombie Frappuccino almost blends in with other Starbucks options.

Besides having more sugar than a 1-ounce tub of cotton candy, the Zombie Frappuccino was unbearably sweet, to the point that I only drank a few sips before throwing it out. It is interesting that the Zombie Frappuccino was so sweet, considering a coffee frappuccino has the same amount of sugar. The green base tasted exactly how the sun-ripened raspberry body wash from Bath and Body Works smells. The frappuccino is supposed to be apple-caramel flavored, but it tastes more like white chocolate with raspberries and a lot of extra sugar. The fruitiness tasted completely artificial… which it is.

While the drink is blended, the creaminess makes it taste even more sickeningly sweet. If you really wanted a fruity, refreshing drink to get through the 100-degree weather, you should turn to Starbucks’ refreshers or iced teas, because the only thing the Zombie Frappuccino is going to make cool is your Instagram aesthetic.

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