#1: Fountain Hopping

#1 Fountain Hopping

Fountain hopping is a fun, extracurricular activity at Chapman. It makes the Bucket List for several reasons including but not limited to:

–       It makes for a fun or relaxing study break.

–       It’s a nice way to cool off from the Orange heat or after a tough work out.

–       It is unique to Chapman’s campus

There are three alluring fountains that students can dip their toes (or heads) into.

Here we are, fully submerged in the Plaza.

The Global Citizens Plaza features a shallow fountain pool with one of the nation’s largest freestanding globes, and represents 64 international flags. This is a nice place to relax and reflect on how lucky we are to attend such a school in sunny, Southern California.

For a complete change of pace, the four pillars, Marion Halfacre, fountain in the piazza shoots up water. An adventurous way to cool off is to weave in and out of the pillars as water rises and falls around you.

Making a spash in the piazza fountain after a tough workout.

The third fountain is in a more discrete location, behind the library, near the science building and therefore a less popular location for fountain hopping, but scenic nonetheless.

Adding to the beauty of this scenic fountain.

Some students just get their feet wet in the fountains, but we encourage you to jump right in; much like the fountain experience, your overall college experience is more memorable if you don’t hold back. We really enjoy fountain hopping and hope you will too. We can’t wait to share #2 on our bucket list with you!

Preview: #2 is a bit more challenging. Many have tried, though few have succeeded in this feat. Catch you at the Morlan dorms.

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