#2: Catch a Bunny

#2: Catch a Bunny (in Morlan)

There are intruders on our Panther territory—    cute, fuzzy intruders. No one really knows where they came from, but for as long as anyone can remember, the Morlan dormitories have been a habitat for an extended family of bunnies.

There are two types, black or blonde. Here, two blonde bunnies roam South Morlan.

You may pass these little critters on your way to class or the cafeteria. At first, you admire them from afar but eventually looking is not enough. So, the second task on the Panther Bucket List is to catch one!

This task is obviously more difficult than fountain hopping, and not everyone is guaranteed to succeed in catching a bunny. In order to cross this item off the list, we just hope you give it a good try. (Of course, this is all in good, humane fun. No harm should be inflicted on the bunnies.)

Who is cuter- Justine or the bunny?

From our own experience and by unofficial surveys of other successful Panthers, we have derived two effective methods in bunny catching:

1.Approach  bunnies slowly, crouching. Offering them food, specifically apples worked great for us. Be patient. The moment will come when they are just close enough to gently snatch up with your bare hands.

2. Create and set a trap. Morlan residents have used crates, cardboard boxes, and others of the sort to build a bunny trap. Food is a good way to bait them and the trap should fall upon entry.

Good luck and happy hunting!
For those of you who have already crossed this item off your Panther Bucket List, please feel free to share your experience. Send pictures and leave feedback on what methods worked for you.

Jenny is cuter than both Justine and the bunny.

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