#3: Overdose on Cafeteria Cookies

You see students leave the cafeteria hunched over, having to sit down on the steps of Sandhu and hold their stomachs or worse, lay flat on their backs. This would usually be cause for concern, but in Chapman’s case, these students are okay, actually better than okay. Spun off of the concept of a food-coma, when students leave the cafeteria they are in a state of euphoria, better known as a cookie-coma.

Through personal experience, observation, and an unofficial poll, “caf cookies” are the #1 most sought after cafeteria item. A fresh tray is put out and emptied by hungry Panthers within minutes. Individuals walk away with cookies by the handful, because you can’t just have one.

With all the different ways to eat them, these cookies are more an experience than just a dessert. Here is a brief look into our “caf cookie” experience:

Preview #4: Get in touch with your inner spirit, and no, we’re not talking about ghosts.

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