6 comic books based on video game franchises

Video games are fantastic and so are comic books, so why not mix them both? They’re like video games, but with less buttons. Here is a list of six comics based on popular video game franchises that I recommend you check out.

Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter by BagoGames under CC 2.0

1.     Street Fighter X G.I.JOE  – IDW Publishing

This series of comic books will have your inner ten-year-old self jumping in excitement. It’s a crossover featuring members from the classic action-hero TV show G.I.Joe and characters from the beloved arcade fighting game Street Fighter. The notorious villain M.Bison from the Street fighter series and Sinestro from the G.I.Joe universe start a world fighting tournament for martial artists from all over the world to compete in. Classic G.I.Joe characters, like Roadblock and Snake Eyes, and Street Fighter characters, like Ryu and Cammy, partake in the tournament in hopes of achieving victory and ensuring the safety of the world. The comic is structured in a very similar fashion to a classic arcade fighting game, alongside panels of words like KO!!! or ROUND1, FIGHT! Despite the lack of exposition or any real plot points, the comic still manages to be fun as we watch characters from both universes interact with each other. Also, the artwork is awesome.

Portal 2 by Michael Myers under CC 2.0

2. LAB RAT: Portal 2 – Dark Horse Comics and Valve

Chances are you’ve heard of the Portal gaming series from Valve. With confusing portal puzzles and witty dialogue from murderous robots, the game has gained enough reputation of being a masterpiece when it comes to interactive art forms. This graphic novel takes place right after the first game, so if you ever did wonder how did the protagonist survive the events at the end and return for the sequel, you should definitely pick Portal 2: Lab Rat . The graphic novel tells the story of the Ratman and his trusty Companion Cube trying to save the main protagonist Chell from the video game. The artwork is amazing and unexpected for a graphic novel exploring the mind of an individual who has multi-personality disorder.

Team Fortress 2: Title picture by Valve under Creative Commons Attribution license

3. Team Fortress 2: Comics- Dark Horse Comics and Valve

If you play most of your video games on PC, chances are you’ve heard of this fast paced multiplayer shooter game. The comic book jumps into the story of a rivalry between two enemy teams of quirky mercenaries. The game doesn’t give much exposition on their characters, so if you’re craving to understand who they really are, this comic is perfect for you. The art style uses a weird combination of art deco, something you’d find in a Pixar movie and classic comic book inking and coloring. The first issue is available online for free, so go and check it out.

Halo 3: Master Chief by Brian is licensed under CC 2.0

4. Halo Uprising – Marvel 

The lore behind the Halo games is very complex. You probably have heard of this game, it is one of the most popular sci-fi shooters ever. But the story and history of every character is more complicated than the footnote appendix explanation in a Lord of the Rings book. I know of the other Halo comic books, and some are far better than this one, however I thought this book was a lot easier to follow. Instead of focusing on the protagonist from the video games, this book follows a new character, Ruwan, and an alien attack in Cleveland, Ohio. Ruwan is somehow the only man who can save his city. Comic book fans will recognize the author, Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis is one of the main writers for Marvel comics, creating fantastic literary works like Ultimate Spiderman, Age of Ultron and Secret War. If that meant nothing to you, trust me, he is a fantastic writer.

Assassins Creed:By Danytoff Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

5. Assassin’s Creed – Titan Comics

This video game franchise came out in 2007 and has had an incredible lifespan bringing millions of fans into the secret life of a cult of assassins through many different points in history. The game series is even getting its own movie to be released later this year. The comic itself focuses more on the life of modern day assassins and the training of Charlotte de la Cruz to become a killing machine and fight the evil Templar Order. This is a good read and perfect for any fans of the series.

Captain N by Gabriel Espinosa

6. Captain N: The Gamemaster – Valiant Comics

This comic is the only one on this list  based not on only one game, but an entire franchise. Now you may not know much of Captain N, but back in the 90’s Captain N had his own TV show and comic book. A teenager and his dog get transported to a world of video games, and not just any world of vide ogames, but the massive world of Nintendo. Yep, you heard it right, there is a comic book that takes place in the vast crazy world of Nintendo and all the famous characters including Mario, Luigi, Link and Samus Aran are involved. More than anything else this comic is a fun trip down nostalgia road.

Do you have interesting comics based on video games you would like to share? Leave a comment.

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