An Old English standby in a new location

For my second outing into the Orange Abyss, I chose one of my old standbys—H. Salt Fish and Chips. With my sister and friend in tow, I set out to find the hole-in-the-wall fishery, only to discover they’d moved. They used to be nestled between a Laundromat and a Baskin Robins off Tustin. Now, they’ve upgraded to a larger and much more visible location next to Green China on Tustin Street. Luckily for us, it was only a half-block away.

I was first introduced to this joint when an ex-boyfriend of mine had drunk cravings for English food. His inebriated self had very specific taste. I’ve been going back sober or otherwise ever since. This time I went with my favorite, “The Piccadilly Plate,” which is composed of one deep-fried piece of fish and a hefty sum of fries or, as the British call them, “chips”. It’s delicious, but beware—it’s heavy. After dousing the entire plate in vinegar, I think it’s actually illegal in England not to, I had to quench my thirst with lemonade.

All of this cost $5.11- or so I thought. One minor complaint about H. Salt is they charge a dollar if you use a credit or debit card to pay for any order under $15.00. Also, tartar sauce is not included in the meal. Be ready to gorge yourself on English fried goodness and most importantly, bring cash. If you want to get on their good side, order with an English accent. I’m sure they love that.

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