Bookman provides a cheap altertnative to campus bookstore

The most dangerous place for me to be with a credit card is a bookstore. I’m a sucker for the written word. Thus, I avoid Barnes and Noble at all cost. In an effort to quell my literary addiction, I’ve found a thrifty alternative, used bookstores, and Orange has a great one. It’s called Bookman.

As a dedicated thrifster, I search high and low for whatever cheap deals I can find in all realms of life. I wish someone had warned me before my freshman year how expensive textbooks can be. Those babies rack up and they’re incredibly hard to sell back for a good price or even at all.

I’ve spent hours perusing Bookman’s. It has that rustic, literary smell to it that hangs in the air as you meander through the seemingly endless shelves. Bookman is great because you can get your books for class without spending exorbitant amounts. I realize that you can find these books at Leatherby’s as well but in most cases professors have put them on reserve and who can read a novel in two hours? Bookman allows you to get the material you need on a tight budget, and you can write in the margins. In all I’ve managed to save around $200 buying used novels for classes at Chapman. Thrifsters, hear that? $200!

The Bookman has allowed me to indulge my wordy obsession guilt-free, and isn’t that a College Thrifster’s dream?

You can find The Bookman at 840 North Tustin StreetinOrange and search their catalog online at

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