Challenge 4: Vintage Mason Jars

Okay I will admit when I first saw this project within my pins, I thought, “Well why even bother?” But the compliments I have received from this ever-so-easy craft have been too many to count, and I have found endless uses for these jars. Challenge Four: Vintage Mason Jars!

Supplies Needed:

-(1) Glue Stick

-(1) Scissors

-Lace/Twine/Ribbon (Any item you think would look good)

-Mason Jars ($1.99/jar)

-Candles ($3.00)

Step One:

Measure the circumference of the jar and cut the lace/twine to fit around.
**We didn’t have a ruler so we used the reliable hand and finger measurement system.

Step Two: 

Spread glue on the jar and wrap the lace/twine around the jar.

Step Three: 

Let it dry and then plop a candle inside.

If you live off campus, this is a beautiful way to add a bit of CHEAP design into your home. Line your fireplace, kitchen or bathroom with these jars. I found that they also look good lined on a wall outside if you plan on having a few people over and they also make great desk lamps! If you live on campus, please remember that candles aren’t allowed in the dorms — but maybe the electronic kind will be safer.

Side note: If you buy these jars in bulk, you can use a few for decoration and the remainder can be used as cups for your kitchen.

Let us know where you ended up using your candle jars and your leftover jars in the comments. The possibilities are endless!



Adam’s Perspective:

Okay, guys. Does this project sound a little lame? Sure. And while the results are neat, this is something I’ll let my girlfriend do on her Sunday off while I finally make that obligatory phone call to my parents that I’ve been avoiding all month.

But in all honesty (you don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing this), you should all keep this idea tucked away for a rainy day. Forgot about an anniversary last year and need to make this one special? Forgot about your anniversary tomorrow? Or maybe you want to impress a girl that you want to have an anniversary with a year from tonight? Then this is a good, cheap, and quick way to do that. Plain candles are incredibly overrated. And while a hundred of them could be neat, they’re also a fire hazard (especially if your night turns into the kind of success we know you’re hoping for). Settle for a dozen of these instead and she’ll probably think you’re the one before you realize she’s not — so use with caution.

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