Challenge 3: Indoor S’mores

Midterms, midterms, midterms. These tragedies can only make you turn to one thing, that being—chocolate. What better way to celebrate the beginnings, the middles and the ends of your midterms than with Challenge Three: Indoor S’mores.

When I first saw this pin I was excited to see that these treats were not longer a reward to staying outdoors and sleeping in a tent. You could easily whip up a remixed chocolatey goodness bar in your own kitchen. Plus-who remembers Golden Grahams from their childhood?!

      Supplies Needed: 

-(1) Bag of mini marshmallows

-(1) Bag of milk chocolate chips

-(1) Box of Golden Grahams Cereal

-(6) Tbsp Butter

-(1/2) Tsp Vanilla Extract

-(1) Non stick cooking spray

-(1) Pot

-(1) Baking Tray

Step One:

Over medium heat, melt the butter into the stove pot.

Just to be clear, you went to melt the butter, not burn it (hint, don’t have the pot sitting on the stove too long before you add the butter to melt it…it shouldn’t sizzle).

Step Two:

Add marshmallows to the butter and mix until they have all melted and become creamy.

Step Three:

Add the vanilla extract

Step Four:

Add the graham cereal to the mixture until they are all evenly stirred together.

Step Five:

Turn stove to low heat. Mix in the chocolate chips until they have also blended into the mixture.

Step Six:

Remove the mix from the pot and press into the pan. Sprinkle any remaining chocolate chips onto of the mixture.

Step Seven:

Slice and Eat!!

These were unbelievably delicious. Not as good as a classic s’mores when camping, but oh, wow, they were yummy.

For those of you who live in dorms, I ask you this. Please attempt a smaller version of these in your microwave and let us know if they work! I would think you would have no trouble at all seeing as you could easily melt the marshmallows and chocolate in a small bowl.

For those of you off campus, make these and deliver them to all of your friends. Seriously. You’ll become that much more popular within your crowd, I promise.

Eat up and leave your comments or suggestions!



Adam’s Perspective:

I don’t have much to say for this one, to be honest. They were good, I guess. But between being a little too chewy and a little to much of a glob, I agree with Hannah: real s’mores are better. There’s something about the separated flavors of the graham cracker, chocolate and golden marshmallow in the smoky air of a real fire that you can’t beat. All that and, as you’ll come to find out about me sooner or later, I just hate cooking things and having to clean up afterwards — and these dishes weren’t easy to clean. Then again, if you’re desperate, having some of these next to you is not a bad option while you cram for those endless midterms.

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