Challenge 2: The Paint-Swatch Calendar


Planners, diaries, post-its galore–all ways in which I have attempted to keep track of my upcoming to-do lists. On Pinterest, however, I saw something I hadn’t tried yet and it looked quite simple. Challenge two, the Paint-Swatch calendar.

In order to follow through with this project, you must be able to get away with taking one too many of the sample paint swatches available in hardware stores. I got all mine at Home Depot and it was no trouble at all.

Supplies Needed:

-Multiple paint swatches (Free)


-Black marker

Step One:
You’ll need 31 paint swatches for the month of October. Lay all 31 out in any color pattern that you find appealing.

Step Two:
Number the dates in the upper right hand corner.

Step Three:
Use tape to stick the swatches up on your wall.

Step Four:
Fill in all of your upcoming events, homework assignments and work days that you want to remember!

Originally the project called for using a frame, but seeing as we are college students, a frame seemed a bit out of budget. By using just a plain wall and a bit of tape, you have earned yourself another dinner in the Cafeteria! (Lucky you)

This project was so simple and all you have to do is erase and re-draw for each month, meaning you can have this calendar for the months to come! It’s a cheap alternative to the large designer planners. Not quite the same I suppose, but a cute alternative!! Mine has already received compliments from friends in my kitchen.

P.S. Midterms are approaching. Perhaps you should keep track of those dates!

Leave photos of all your calendars and let me know if they work!!


Adam’s Perspective:

Normally I’m a bit more cynical. But I have to say, this is a pretty good idea. The color combinations are virtually endless, depending on the variety at your local hardware store. So guys, you we don’t have to settle for the pink and salmon colors that Hannah was drawn to for God knows what reason. But that’s the other thing, let’s not all go out to the same Home Depot tomorrow or they’ll start guarding their samples…

But other than that, it’s simple, takes 5-‐10 minutes, and adds some color to your wall (and guys, the ladies might actually appreciate a touch of color on those bland walls of ours — no, a Carmen Electra poster doesn’t count as dorm room decoration to impress the girls). Assuming you get the larger paint swatches, as we did, you can either write directly on it in marker, a more erasable pencil, or even post sticky notes on the swatches for re-use on another month. Not bad if you’re looking for a way to keep track of your hectic college party lives…

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