Discovering Downtown Disney

Unfortunately dear readers, I’ve had to forgo a Disneyland annual pass for the last two years. I could not sacrifice $276 to run around in search of Mickey Mouse and gorge myself on clam chowder bread bowls. So in an attempt to fill my Disney needs I wander on down to Downtown Disney.

Be warned, this is still run by the Disney Corporation, so most places do cost a pretty penny. For an evening of activity though, Downtown Disney is a great alternative to its over-priced theme park counterpart. Meandering the streets and working your way through the shops can provide hours of entertainment. You don’t even have to walk into a store to enjoy the ambience of the place. There are musicians dotting the street with live music. Leave a tip if you’re feeling generous, but I understand you’re a college student, so no pressure.

Within the area you’ll find a number of restaurants including my favorite place for beignets, deep fried French goodness blanketed in powdered sugar, Richard Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. If you are lucky enough to hold one of those cherished annual passes you can get up to 10 percent off your meal.

But, by far, my favorite past time in Downtown Disney is people watching. People’s true colors come out around the Disney theme park between the screaming mothers, frantic fathers and crying babies.

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