Satire | Dodgexit: Dodge College tries to gain independence from Chapman


Dodge College of Film and Media Arts students are petitioning for their independence from Chapman in a movement they call “Dodgexit.” Photo illustration by Jackie Cohen

A group of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts students started a petition to gain their independence from Chapman in a campaign they are calling Dodgexit.

Dodge College ranks No. 6 in The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 film schools. Chapman University, on the other hand, is ranked among regional universities rather than on the national level.

The group supporting Dodgexit believes that being part of a university that is only ranked regionally reduces their possibilities of hitting the top five in The Hollywood Reporter’s list. The top four universities are nationally ranked universities including the University of Southern California, UCLA and New York University.

Their future plans include potentially building a border wall at the diagonal crosswalk on Glassell Street to prevent Chapman students from walking near the Marion Knott Studios.

“All of the non-Dodge students want to come to Dodge to use our free printing and see what it is like to be a top-ranked school and that is not OK,” said the founder of the Dodgexit movement.

A part of their plan is to make the Villa Park Orchard dorms, which are currently under construction, a part of Dodge College, rather than Chapman, since the dorms are beyond the border wall.

The Dodgexit petition is backed by students of all Dodge majors except for public relations and advertising majors, who are often told they are not “real Dodge students.”

“I don’t want to be a part of an independent Dodge College. We PR majors don’t fit in with these artsy film students and want to remain in contact with our friends in Chapman’s other colleges. I just don’t understand all of their film references,” said a public relations major.

Lisa Sparks, dean of the School of Communication, has announced that her college will take in any displaced public relations and advertising majors if Dodgexit passes.

President Daniele Struppa said that Dodgexit will be put to a vote in the next student government election. If the election has an 85 percent turnout and Dodgexit passes, he will allow for the disaffiliation of Dodge from Chapman.

“The money we spend on bringing renowned speakers to the film school can be redirected to more programming for STEM as our university turns toward the sciences,” Struppa said.

Content on this page is satire for ‘I can’t believe it’s not news,’ The Panther’s April Fools special issue.