Introduction to College Thrifster

Elizabeth Whitten, a senior creative writing major, tips off students who are on a budget to eateries and activities in Orange County that cost under $15.

Before I even begin this blog, I have something I feel I must confess. I’m not a particularly social person. I’m somewhat of an introvert. I’ve spent the last four years here at Chapman University by isolating myself. Sure, I have friends, but when I find something that works for me, I tend to go with it over and over again. For example, my favorite restaurant in Orange was Arnone’s Little Italy over on Tustin Street, until they went under. I must have gone there three dozen times. It was my first choice for food and the bartender was the funniest smart ass in Orange County. Now I find myself in a crux of my life. I relied heavily on an old friend to show me around town and introduce me to activities and restaurants in the area but he has since moved and I find myself yet again alone.

So now, in an effort to save myself from self-induced solitary confinement, I am forcing myself to explore this area. Even more challenging is the fact that I’m from nowhere near Orange County and after four years of living here, I’m still not completely sure exactly what Californians do for fun. On this blog you’ll find suggestions and reviews from budget-friendly restaurants and recreation. I know we’re all on a budget here, so to narrow my focus down, I’ll be reviewing and suggesting anything under $15. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even find free entertainment—or should I say, the best kind of entertainment?

If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints feel free to leave a comment below.

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