Satire | Record number of Ivy League students transfer to Chapman to be closer to Disneyland


Record number of transfer applicants this year have been students from Ivy League schools looking to be closer to Disneyland. Photo illustration by Kali Hoffman

About 70 percent of transfer applications submitted to Chapman this spring came from Ivy League students wanting to be part of “the Chapman experience,” according to the Office of Admissions.

Being 15 minutes away from Disneyland was “just like a golden, savory Disney churro: too good to pass up,” said a student from Princeton in his admissions essay.

Kristina Goswin, a junior at Harvard University, will move to Orange from her home state of Massachusetts this summer.

“Harvard is a good school academically, but when I found out that you can watch the Disneyland fireworks from the dorm parking structure at Chapman, I knew what I had to do,” she said.

Since Chapman does not have an equivalent degree program to astrophysics, Goswin plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree in communication studies. Though she will have to spend an extra three years completing degree requirements, she believes trading in her Harvard diploma for an annual Disneyland pass is the right choice for her future.

“I don’t care if it sets me back,” Goswin said. “Yeah, I might have to pay some extra tuition, but I think the 15 percent Disney park discount on merchandise will offset that.”

Content on this page is satire for ‘I can’t believe it’s not news,’ The Panther’s April Fools special issue.