Last minute Halloween costumes

If you’re waiting for some Halloween costume inspiration to strike you, here it is.

The Goodwill on North Tustin Street is an incognito Party City.

It has an entire section dedicated to Halloween, with glittering masquerade masks, fuzzy animal onesies, ballerina tutus, costumes and accessories galore lining its many aisles.

Here are four costume ideas to get those creative juices flowin’.

Graphics by Leah De Leon

Graphics by Leah De Leon

Timeless and easy. Pick your favorite sports team, borrow a friend’s jersey or buy one at Goodwill. Either way, you’ll be winning.


This simple vest is all you need. Highlighter yellow and orange never looked so good. Add a hardhat or Timberland boots to really finish off the look.


Grab your socks and sandals, folks. Wear some tropical gear, binoculars and maybe even a visor or floppy hat. And don’t forget to bring a disposable camera to capture moments from your adventures of the night. This one is a perfect last minute classic.


Only Goodwill would have something as weird as this. Walter White would be proud of this one.

These are only a few of the costume ideas available at Goodwill. There are plenty more cute, wacky, simple, classic, scary and definitely unique ones. Sifting through thrift shops can be a great starting point for your costume, or can help you add the perfect finishing touch.

Happy Halloween!

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