Living Beachside

The Beaches in Orange County are a beautiful and an amazing experience. We went to a few of them and want to share the great things that you can do there. The first one we visited was Huntington Beach because it hosted the “2011 Nike US Open of Surfing”. The event took place from July 30 to August 7 and was totally free to public.The event is one of the largest action sport festivals in the world)and attracted more than 500,000 people with its exhibitions of surfing, skating, bicycle motocross, music, fashion and art.

The crowds were overwhelming because we went on the last day. We enjoyed some American Corn Dogs and watched people do some incredible stunts on skateboards and BMX bikes. After that we sat down on the beach and listened to bands like Jimmy Eat World or Surfer Blood. All of this was exciting to watch because we don’t have festivals like this at home. We don’t live near the beach and it is rather unusual to go to events with that many people hanging out and having fun. If you want even more information about this annual event visit their website:

We were also able to experience the most amazing sunset we have ever seen at Huntington Beach. We went to the beach and stood there and watched the sun disappear into the water. It was very pretty to see the red and yellow colors light up the sky and reflect on the water. We were inspired and amazed by the impressive view. Luckily you can experience this beautiful view more than once; you just have to be at the beach in the late afternoon to see the sunset happen.

The other beach we visited was Newport Beach. The beach there is a good place to relax or go for a swim because it is not too crowded and it is only about 20 minutes from Orange. Before we explored Newport by ourselves we went on the Harbor Cruise that was offered by Chapman. All students were invited to enjoy the cruise around Newport Harbor in September. There was a DJ, dancing and beautiful night views from the upper deck. We got the opportunity to taste some delicious cake desserts served by the crew. Tickets were only $5, so you shouldn’t miss it because it is a great event to attend if you want to meet new people or just hang out with friends.

In the next blog post we will talk a little bit more about Newport Beach and give you more hints on where to go to and what to see.

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