Meet the Pinteresters


My name is Hannah Darbourne, a sophomore public relations major here at Chapman University and with me is Adam Ottke, a senior art major. Like most students, I have minimal free time, but with the spare hours in between classes or ‘study’ breaks, I find myself madly obsessing over the new trend — Pinterest.

I am a dedicated Pinterester. I’m constantly building my “Do It Yourself” Pin Boards with tips, crafts and recipes — all of which I want to try. However, I have yet to complete a single Pinterest project to show for my dedication.

So here is my proposal:

GOAL: 15 weeks, 30 projects
MISSION: Post step-by-step instructions, photo-document each step, include budgets and scales of difficulty and give honest feedback.

Adam, who is also an experienced photographer, will be accompanying me along the journey. You heard it, a male taking with stride all of my Pinterest projects. He will try each and every glitter-covered craft and give us a little insight into what our projects look like to the male eye.

And with that, we need your help and support. As we try projects that will be useful for students here at Chapman, please feel free to follow us on Pinterest and send in projects that you wish for us to try before you commit the time yourself! We also want to be able to compare our results and work together to find what works best.

Fingers crossed as we let the virtual world of pinning come to life.

Hannah (and Adam) xoxo

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