SAE and DG hold stack their way to the top

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Gamma held their Greek Week leads Wednesday by building the best sculptures made out of canned food in the Argyros Forum walkway today.

During the competition, sororities and fraternities raced to build the best sculpture that went along with the Greek Week theme of animation in 35 minutes using only canned food.

“We get to make beautiful art out of cans, donate them to a good cause and get a tan in the process,” said Sarah Horst, a member of Alpha Phi.

Faculty and administrators judged sculptures based on their creativity, relation to theme and overall participation, said Ryan Huffman, chair of the Greek Week committee.

The canned food, bought by Greek members, was donated to Second Harvest Heartland, a food bank that feeds people who lack sufficient resources, according to Second Harvest Heartland’s website.

Phi Kappa Tau placed second in the fraternity competition and was the first to finish its sculpture of Pacman, created under 15 minutes out of one layer of Campbell’s Soup and green beans cans.

Matt McMahon, a junior history and economics major, watched most of the building process.

“It’s boring to watch,” McMahon said. “The most interesting part is all the attractive ladies.”

Alpha Gamma Delta’s Pikachu, a Japanese cartoon character affiliated with Pokemon, sculpture collapsed in the last 10 minutes of the contest.

Jason Tiger, member of Phi Gamma Delta, said his fraternity had spent days planning its colorful, multi-layered sculpture.

“A lot of hard work, thought and dedication went into this moment,” Tiger said.

Delta Delta Delta placed third with its yellow-canned Spongebob Squarepants.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon won 50 points by building DreamWork’s crescent moon logo, Delta Gamma won 70 points by building the house from the movie “Up” and Kappa Alpha Theta tied with Delta Gamma for 70 points by building Simba, from the Disney movie “The Lion King,” holding a kite.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is currently in the lead in Greek Week points for fraternities with 320. Phi Gamma Delta is close behind with 205 points.

Delta Gamma is leading the sororities with 500 points and Gamma Phi Beta is in second place with 390 points.

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