Shopping and dining in a new country

This week we want to focus on where you can buy groceries, eat well but inexpensively and go shopping around the circle.

Let’s start with grocery shopping. It can be confusing with the wide range of grocery stores around here. Our first stop was Walmart because that is the most familiar to us since have their stores back home in Germany. Although they’re not as big as American Walmarts, we knew what to expect going there. Walmart sells a wider range of products, not just groceries, but also electronics, health and beauty. This would be the best place to go to on your first shopping trip to get all the things you need to at the beginning of moving here. The second store to visit is Target which we found to be more convenient, because there were more items to choose from and their stock is more organized. Other stores include Ralph’s, Stater Bros., Fresh & Easy and Trader Joe’s. These stores are more focused on groceries and offer a larger section of fresh fruit and vegetables. All these stores are placed along Tustin Street in Orange.

Going out for lunch or dinner is only for very special occasions in Germany, but here in the States it is very common and there are a lot of restaurants to choose from near the campus. The places we recommend are Blue Frog Café for lunch and Francoli’s Gourmet for dinner. Both of these are walking distance from campus and are in the Orange Plaza, so it is easy for Chapman students to meet up there. Other restaurants you shouldn’t miss are The Cheesecake Factory, famous for its very delicious cheesecakes and Olive Garden, serving free salad and bread sticks with every meal. These two restaurants are not far from campus but you will need a car to get there.

The Orange Plaza is a great place to walk around and see unique shops. Our favorite clothing boutique was Laurenly. They carry fashionable pieces from labels like Free People and Rebel. The boutique has a unique flair and you can find pieces at affordable prices. Another cute boutique is Spotted Moth which offers affordable clothing and accessories. There are not only clothing boutiques but also antique stores like Country Roads- Antiques & Gardens. This store stands out because it is divided into several uniquely arranged showrooms which create a great shopping experience.

Closest Walmart to Chapman University:

2300 N Tustin St

Orange, CA 92865

Phone:(714) 998-4473

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