Satire | Student treated for frostbite after spending 3 hours in Beckman

Every year, about 15 students are treated for frostbite from spending too much time in cold classrooms, according to the Student Health Center. Photo illustration by Bonnie Cash

The Student Health Center treated a student for frostbite after she spent three hours in Beckman Hall.

“I couldn’t leave my class because I’ve already used my one allowed absence for this class. I could feel my fingers slowly getting numb,” said Mandy Lee, the student who was treated for frostbite.

Lee said that she had to stop taking notes halfway through class because typing hurt her frozen fingers and she was slowly losing feeling.

This was not the first time a student was treated for frostbite due to the air conditioning in campus buildings. The health center sees an average of 15 cases per year.

“Students should be more prepared to face the winter-like temperature of campus buildings. It may be 90 degrees outside, but they should still wear gloves and winter coats to prevent frostbite,” said a health center staff member.

The university does not plan to change the temperature at which buildings are kept. Officials say it is because the cold temperature keeps students awake and attentive in class.

Content on this page is satire for “I can’t believe it’s not news,” The Panther’s April Fools special issue.