Taqueria Mexico is king of late-night, cheap eats

If there is one place that can be a college thrifster’s dream come true, it is by far Taqueria Mexico at Glassell Street and Katella Avenue. I avoid debates at all times but when it comes to the Taqueria De Anda and Taqueria Mexico debate, I throw my gloves into the ring and it is on. To put it simply, Taqueria Mexico is simply better food at a better price.

Orange County is brimming with great opportunities to get amazing and cheap Mexican food, so just by selecting this taqueria as worthy for my final restaurant post, it should tell you everything you need to know. It encompasses the three things every college student looks for when foraging for food: cheap, open-late and delicious. This restaurant has it all. In fact, it has it all, all-night long. That’s right, I have found one of those elusive 24/7 restaurant of Orange County.

A good portion of my cold, hard cash goes directly to the fine employees of Taqueria Mexico every time finals week rolls around. So this week and next week, they will see my wallet a lot.

Each taco costs approximately $1.07. I realize you can select other Mexican eateries, even some equipped with a drive-thru for convenience, for around the same price. But you will not regret going local this time. Their food is simple because it doesn’t need to be drenched in seasonings and synthetic hot sauces. Just a plain hand-made tortilla, seasoned meat (always real and never under scrutiny by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), onion, cilantro and a little bit of salsa. That’s it. You know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re getting is deliciousness. They also have massive burritos for a comparable $5, but honestly, I can eat two tacos for less than half that prize and feel completely satisfied.

The downside (which I personally consider a plus, but I do live on the fringes of society) is its location. It’s very easy to get to, but its appearances are less than glamorous. If there’s any advice you can take away from me it’s this: when you want a great deal, the sketchiest establishments have the best food. Sure Taqueria Mexico may be lacking a large neon side off the side of the road, and, yes, the walls are starkly barren, but who cares when you are mouth deep in the best carne asada taco you’ve ever had? You won’t even notice the mismatched furniture or pay-for-your-weight scale. And yes, almost everything in there is in Spanish, but that is definitely a plus for this College Thrifster.

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