Challenge 1: The Kool-Aid Lip Stain.

As fall is approaching and summer is coming to a bittersweet end, there have been hints around campus of the fall fashion trends starting to arrive, one of which is a particular favorite: the red lip. This bold yet classic and fierce addition makes any outfit seem more put together.

However, why settle on buying this red shade when you can simply make the lip statement on your own, at home and in your kitchen? Here it goes: Challenge One, straight from my Pinterest boards—[The Kool-Aid Lip Stain].

Supplies needed:

-(1) Packet of Kool-Aid Mix
($0.22 or $0.29 for Strawberry — We don’t know why.)

-(1) Small bowl

-(1) Q-tip

-(1) Scissors

Step One: Pour Kool-Aid packet into a small bowl.

Step Two: Dampen finger, press into the powder and spread onto your lips.

Step Three: Use Q-tip to smudge over powder and rub away any leftover pieces.

Rate of Do-ability: Very Easy.

We did it! Challenge One is complete.

Right. All I have to say about this is, they weren’t kidding when they said “lip stain.” Not only do I have bright red lips, but I also have stained red teeth, tongue and finger tips. Midway through I felt a bit like a Vampire and not the sensual Twilight Bella Swan type.

However, that being said, this makeshift lipstick lasted all day and all night. I woke up still with red lips! This would simply be a great idea for a Chapman night out with the girls or a special date night as you would never have to re-apply (the biggest problem I have found with all store-bought lipsticks).

I hope you are all very pleased with the results, as I certainly am. It’s definitely one for the more risky ladies to try. I will add that the taste was decent and I’ve been told that different flavors lead to different lip shade colors.

Give it a try and leave photos and possible tips for improvement! Good luck to you all.

Hannah xoxo

Adam’s Perspective:

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and maybe a few boys)…let me save you some trouble.

Let’s think about this and let’s examine Hannah’s lips. She’s happy with the results — sort of. What she didn’t tell you is that the stuff really doesn’t taste good. Packets of Kool-Aid don’t just require water. You need sugar, too. Two packets could easily fit on your flattened palm — and that’s enough for a gallon of this stuff. Imagine what that concentration tastes like, unsweetened and pasty. It’s not as pleasant as it seems — or as Hannah makes it sound. And your boyfriends surely wouldn’t appreciate it at the end of the night. Stained teeth are bad enough. Moreover, the strawberry flavor burned her lips, despite producing the same effects as the cherry flavor! Our sweet, wonderful Hannah was whimpering for ten minutes! Just imagine her with her English flare (that’s right, you all get to try out your over-the-pond accents when you whisper this out right now): “Oh no. It burns. This stuff really burns. IT BURNS!” How sad?

I like a confident woman. Bring it a step up. Wear some real lipstick and dump the powder that makes you look like you just sucked on a lollypop for three hours — unless it’s the guys who are into that who you want to attract… Your average five-dollar lipstick will make you and your man happier — all without staining your fingers, teeth, lips, or white clothes.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from all you lovelies and your attempts at this project. Leave your reviews (photos, too!) in the comment box below.

– Adam

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  • [Removed], Adam, who said all women always want to attract dudes? You do realize we do this stuff FOR OURSELVES and not YOU, right? Idiot. Good to know that the strawberry flavor burns but I’m definitely going to try this out.

  • It DOES taste good! (Smarty Pants Adam) Like Sweat Tarts or the SOUR part of Sour/Sweet gum or candy.
    Wyler’s Cherry works well too and is not as grainy as Koolaid. May be BETTER for finger tip/lick application!.
    Koolaid Tropical Punch is a darker berry color.
    I just tried Koolaid Cherry Lime-aid. I mixed a small amount with equal drops of water and mineral oil and it made a nice wearable M Lips But Better shade that didn’t settle into my line-y lips as bad as my Koolaid/drops of water/Chapstick Tinted Lip Balm Experiment or my Koolaid/drops of water/Cetephil Moisterizing Cream experiment.
    But the Lime-Aid bit BURNS at first…But it’s worth it if you need a more toned down color.

  • Adam sounds like a giant douchebag. Wearing actual lipstick has nothing to do with confidence. I love wearing lipstick but I don’t have time to reapply during the workday. I would like a lip stain so my lips can maintain color all day without having to be constantly worried about reapplying. You really should omit that entire paragraph, because now I obviously have nothing nice to say 🙂 good day!

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