Tips and tricks for perfect jeans

Are you green with envy of those perfectly blue denim jeans that hug just right, have rips in all the right places and never go out of style? Well, I’ve got some news for you: Your perfect jeans are waiting for you at a thrift store! I’ve compiled a list of my best tips and tricks to not only find the right fit for you, but also how you can make your jeans look truly one-of-a-kind.

Photo by Leah De Leon.

Photo by Leah De Leon.


  1. Pockets – I always go through racks and racks of jeans by looking at their pockets first. Find pockets that will flatter your figure! If your bottom seems to fall flat, try looking for a tighter fit that has flap pockets or pockets that rest higher rather than lower. If you’re trying to draw less attention to your bootylicious behind, try large plain pockets that sit lower on your butt.
  2. Texture – This is the next thing I look for, and it all depends on what you find. If you’re looking for high-waisted bell bottoms, dark wash jeggings or some jeans that will look great distressed, the texture will vary. If you want ripped jeans, avoid jegging-like material and instead look for tougher denim; it will fray a lot easier and get you the look you want. This can also make the process go faster, rather than looking at the waistlines.
  3. Waistline – You may be a size seven at Levi’s but a size five at Hollister. Familiarize yourself as much as possible with your favorite brands and how you fit their scale. Also keep in mind the style you want to achieve. Naturally, boyfriend jeans have a more relaxed fit, while skinny jeans want to hug your thighs.
  4. Length – Fo’get about it! You can always cut them to the length of your choice, roll them or get them tailored.
  5. Try it on – You’ll never really know until you try it on. But be aware – some stores don’t have dressing rooms. Always come prepared by wearing leggings and a slim tank top so you can try them on even without a dressing room.
Photo by Rebeccah Glaser

My DIY of a pair of thrifted jeans. Photo by Rebeccah Glaser


  1. Create your vision – maybe you were one of the lucky ones that bought the perfect jeans that didn’t need any altering or extra spice, but that hardly ever happens. Get to searching on the internet, look at your favorite celebrities and go through fashion blogs to get inspired.
  2. Cut, rip and distress away! Here is one YouTube tutorial on how to rip jeans.
  3. Make sure to wash them inside out and read the tags for how you should take care of your fresh jeans.
  4. Style it up!

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  • When deciding on a style for your jeans I think it’s important to always go with what is most comfortable. I don’t think you will ever regret this choice. I personally like being as comfortable in my jeans as I would be in my sweats. It encourages me to dress better even when I’m feeling lazy.

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