Satire | Ty Dolla $ign announced as 2018 commencement speaker

Ty Dolla $ign

Rapper Ty Dolla $ign will be the 2018 commencement speaker. Photo illustration by Kali Hoffman

Chapman announced Friday that this year’s commencement speaker will be rapper and 2017 fall concert headliner Ty Dolla $ign. The singer-songwriter, who is responsible for hits like “Zaddy” and “Or Nah,” hopes his insight will inspire students to be responsible global citizens and pursue their goals outside the classroom, said a university spokesperson.

“This was a difficult decision. There were a lot of outstanding speakers to choose from. We considered having Neil deGrasse Tyson or Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak, but we felt nobody truly encompassed the spirit of higher education like Mr. $ign,” said an official statement from the university.

University President Daniele Struppa said he “wholeheartedly” supports the choice.

“I will say, as a huge Ty Dolla $ign fan, I am a little biased,” Struppa said. “Personal opinion aside, this is a huge opportunity for students to learn from one of the greatest speakers of their generation.”

Students have also responded positively to the news, saying Ty Dolla $ign’s speech will be the perfect send-off for seniors.

“It’s going to be so lit,” said Aaron McFarland, a senior business administration major.

Content on this page is satire for ‘I can’t believe it’s not news,’ The Panther’s April Fools special issue.