Who are The Defenders?

Marvel superheroes are taking over the small screen. Well, at least they are through Netflix.

Illustration by Gabriel Espinosa

Illustration by Gabriel Espinosa

Netflix/Marvel’s first superhero team TV show is coming next year and it’s called “The Defenders.” The team will consist of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who each have their own solo series. I am a big fan of these characters and seeing them group together is like viewing a mini-Avengers team assembling together. I’m blown away by how awesome they are individually, making me excited to see how they will work together. In comic book history, the original Defenders team has always had many variations in membership. In fact, there have been more than 15 teams going under the name since their creation in 1971. So, who are the Defenders from the comic books and who are the Defenders on Netflix?

The first appearance of The Defenders was in 1971 in Marvel Feature #1. Since their first appearance, the team was more of a one-time thing with members more well-known for their solo adventures. The original members were the Incredible Hulk, the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange and the king of Atlantis, Namor. Still, the team never had a fixed roster of members after the initial group, showcasing Marvel’s finest like Spiderman or Captain America or more obscure characters like U.S. Agent or the World War II hero Blazing Skull. The team has since consisted of whoever is available to save the earth at that very moment, with very few characters returning except for Dr. Strange.

The upcoming Netflix show has characters who have all been members of The Defenders at some point in the comics, but have never actually been seen on a team at the same time.

First off there is Daredevil, a blind lawyer who was trained by ninjas at a young age to fight and use his other senses in extreme ways.

Daredevil on Netflix. Photo courtesy of BagoGames on Flickr through Creative Commons 2.0.

Daredevil on Netflix. Photo courtesy of BagoGames on Flickr.

Next is Jessica Jones, a private eye detective who has the power of super strength and the ability (in the comics) to fly.

Jessica Jones. Photo from Flickr

Jessica Jones. Photo from Flickr

Then there’s Luke Cage, an ex-convict, has the power of bulletproof skin and superhuman strength. Cage’s character also appears in Jessica Jones’ show.

And, finally, there is Iron Fist, a man who lost his family at a young age and grew up in the ancient and mystical city K’un-Lun, where he trained to become a warrior fighting in the ancient power of the Iron Fist.

Photo Courtesy of SHERARDREX on Flickr through Creative Commons 2.0

Photo Courtesy of SHERARDREX on Flickr.

Each show on Netflix has been slowly leading up to this crossover superhero team. These shows have become a staple of Netflix shows and are extremely enjoyable even if you aren’t big into comic books. Luke Cage was so popular it crashed Netflix servers the day it came out.

For the upcoming superhero team show, the plot will probably be set around the team fighting a ninja organization known as The Hand, while insuring the safety of New York City. All shows are currently available to watch on Netflix except Iron Fist, which will be airing on March 17, 2017. I am personally very excited for The Defenders. It may not have anything in common with the original comic books, but I am still going to binge-watch it when it comes out.

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