Why do you wear what you wear?

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from my short time at Chapman it’s that self-expression is alive and well. Students here don’t have to be told to form their own opinions and stand up for what they are passionate about. Similarly, when it comes to fashion, everyone wears what makes them comfortable; what they want to. This week I wanted to talk to some of these individuals and ask them why they wear what they wear to show how beautifully individualistic our campus can be.

Catie Woodward, freshman communication studies major

Catie Woodward, freshman communication studies major

Lily Friedman, sophomore TV writing and production major

Lily Friedman, sophomore TV writing and production major // Instagram: @lilyfriedman

Logan Stevens, freshman communication studies major

Logan Stevens, freshman communication studies major // Instagram: @evenstevens123, Twitter: LogeStevens

Chloe de Vries, freshman communication studies major

Chloe de Vries, freshman communication studies major

Karly Bokosky, sophomore strategic and corporate communication major

Karly Bokosky, sophomore strategic and corporate communication major

Kayla Borkovec, freshman communication studies major

Kayla Borkovec, freshman communication studies major // Instagram: @kayborky

Mollie Thomas, freshman communication studies major

Mollie Thomas, freshman communication studies major // Instagram: @mollie.thomas

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