10 facts about gun laws in California

gun control

Source: Pew Research Center. Graphic by Jackie Cohen

In the aftermath of the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 dead, many, including survivors of the shooting, are advocating for gun control policies.

Chapman’s Student Conduct Code prohibits possession of weapons on campus and at university-sponsored events. Among the prohibited items are BB pellet guns, paint guns,, stun guns, fireworks, knives and bows and arrows.

Here are some gun control laws already in place in California.

gun control1. Thirty percent of American adults own a gun, according to the Pew Research Center.

2. A Firearm Safety Certificate is required to purchase a gun. To receive a certificate, a person must  pass a written test on firearm safety.

3. There is 10-day waiting period between purchasing a firearm and actually possessing it.

4. People with felony convictions and other convictions cannot purchase guns, according to California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms.

5. People who are no longer U.S. citizens or are illegal immigrants cannot purchase guns. (This is a federal law – not just a state law.)

6. People who plead insanity during court trials are also unable to buy guns.

7. Having a firearm on or near a school campus is considered a felony, according to FindLaw.

8. Most misdemeanors ban people from buying a firearm for 10 years, according to California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms

9. The following convictions can earn someone a lifetime ban from buying firearms: assault with a firearm, shooting at an inhabited house, building or vehicle, waving a firearm in front of an officer, and domestic violence.

10. People must store their weapons and ammunition in different places, according to the California Firearms Safety Security study guide.


  • As you can see, there are already measures in place in California. People think it is so easy to walk in and purchase a firearm, but that simply isn’t the case. What other restrictions would you like when purchasing one?

    • Okay? That answer is comical. I’m perfectly fine with these procedures being implemented nationally, however, this truly isn’t what the Democrats want, nor would they accept this.

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