Chapman men go Greek

The Beta men team up with potential new members for a friendly game of flag football at Wilson Field Monday. Photo by Kate DeSalvo

Chatter, bonding and football were all abundant last week when Jacob Moreland, a freshman business major, joined 22 other men rushing Beta Theta Pi on Wilson Field to compete for a bid into the fraternity.

Rush events like this one were held last week by the seven fraternities on campus to gain valuable new members.

“I became attached to the idea of a brotherhood,” said Moreland, who also rushed Fiji.

Justin Poulsen, a senior film production major and president of the Interfraternity Council, said about 310 men rushed this fall. He said there is no way to compare how many men rushed last fall, however, because this is the first year that a formal registration process has been implemented.

“Administration recommended that we start a registration system this year to better track the growing community,” Pouslen said. “If we see the new member class sizes growing, or a growing number of men who do not receive bids, we can know more about when it might be the right time to start thinking about expansion.”

Poulsen said fraternity rush is more casual than sorority rush because men can attend the events they choose to when they are available.

“Fraternity rush is more about hanging out with guys as opposed to a formal event,” he said.

He said this discrepancy exists because so many more women rush, so the process has to be more orderly.

Cole Sadler, a freshman creative writing major, rushed Delta Tau Delta (Delts).

“I never thought I’d rush a fraternity, but I was looking for a way to get involved on campus,” Sadler said. “I know [Delts] can help me leave an indelible mark on campus.”

The Delts’ rush events included a beach hike and mini golf, said John Pierce, a senior public relations and advertising major and Delta Tau Delta president.

Pierce said Delta Tau Delta is looking for men who are confident, have leadership abilities and know academics come first.

Alpha Delta Phi’s (Adelphos) events ranged from poker and hookah to literary night.

“If you are not looking to rush a fraternity, we are looking for you,” said junior business administration major Stephen Cheesman.

Cole Walton, a sophomore screenwriting major, said most Adelphos join because they don’t want to rush a stereotypical fraternity.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s (Pike) events included barbecues and Monday night football.

“We are looking for guys that are passionate, professional, and strive for excellence in everything they do,” O’Connor said.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s (SAE) events included a beach bonfire and a trip to a driving range.

“We want unique guys so we can continue being eccentric. We are going for quality over quantity,” said senior business administration major and SAE rush chair Jesse Richards.

Phi Gamma Delta’s (Fiji) events included late night broomball and “tacos y cigaros.”

Phi Kappa Tau’s events included laser tag and dodge ball.

Kyle Mendoza, a freshman business and marketing major, decided not to rush this fall.

“It’s expensive to be in a frat. I could just make friends and party with the fraternities,” Mendoza said.

Ethan Weinstein, a freshman philosophy major, agreed.

“I don’t believe you should have to pay money for a brotherhood,” Weinstein said.

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