Fireworks and freshmen: Orientation Week celebrates largest incoming class

University President Daniele Struppa and other faculty members welcomed 1,650 members of the class of 2021, the largest incoming class to date, during the annual Convocation ceremony Aug. 22.

During the ceremony, Struppa announced that the previously unnamed College of Educational Studies has been named after Trustee Donna Attallah, after she made a $10 million donation.

President Emeritus Jim Doti also addressed the members of the new freshman class, encouraging students to keep an open mind to new ideas and changing opinions. The ceremony concluded with fireworks and pop music.

President Daniele Struppa poses with Trustee Donna Attallah during Convocation Aug. 22. The College of Educational Studies was named after Attallah at the ceremony, in recognition of her $10 million gift. Photo by Jackie Cohen

Rion Romero (right), a freshman theatre major, places a graduation stole on Colette Bowen (left), a freshman theatre major, as part of the Convocation ceremony Aug. 22. Photo by Jackie Cohen

Freshmen watch the fireworks show at the end of Convocation Aug. 22. Photo by Jackie Cohen

Members of the incoming freshman class and their parents participated in the annual candlelight ceremony Aug. 23. Photo by Jackie Cohen

Incoming freshmen lined Wilson Field Aug. 23 as orientation leaders high-fived everyone entering Playfair. Photo by Jackie Cohen

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