Hong Kong BBQ satisfies cravings for cheap, greasy Chinese food

There’s nothing that satisfies those late paper-writing nights like good old-fashioned, greasy Chinese food. Enter Hong Kong BBQ. I was introduced to them when a friend of mine and I were cramming for a class and needed sustenance. They have this beautiful thing called free delivery. It’s great for people who don’t have a car and perfect for people like me who are just plain lazy. If you aren’t like me and do take the trek down there, it’s located on the corner of Collins Avenue and Glassell Street. Be forewarned this place is not the Orange Plaza, it may be downright sketchy, but in my experience this is always a plus when looking for cheap food.

On this particularly crazy night, I got myself a heaping plate of fried rice, spicy chicken, orange chicken, and vegetable lo mein. I’m a sucker for lo mein, and Hong Kong BBQ feeds that addiction very well. The two chicken dishes compliment each other very well. You always need a bit of a simmer of sweet after the kick the spicy chicken gives you. And if you are a fan of heat, you’ll love the jalapenos thrown in for good measure.

Now, I try to make as much food for myself at home as possible. I really do enjoy cooking but Chinese food is particularly difficult because it requires expensive and specific ingredients. So when I’m craving it, I just suck up the price and go out for it. I know that, as a student, this isn’t always the most economical choice. In fact, it rarely is, but Hong Kong BBQ (and most other restaurants I discuss) can offer you a meal and enough for a leftover snack. Hong Kong BBQ actually gave me two and half meals before I finished it up. For six bucks, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal for a college thrifster.

Hong Kong BBQ

918 N Glassell St

Orange, CA 92867

(714) 633-8988

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