Incident Log: Jan. 8 – Jan. 28

Jan. 8

Two subjects entered a parked vehicle and removed property. One subject was apprehended by the responding Public Safety officers.

Jan. 10

Two subjects stole property from a parked car. One subject was apprehended by Public Safety.

Jan. 15

Unknown subject(s) spray-painted graffiti on a block wall.

Jan. 15

A subject sent several texts to a victim threatening to release information on social media.

Jan. 18

A subject activated a fire alarm by smoking in his dorm room. He was also in possession of alcohol.

Jan. 19

An unknown male subject stole books from the Bhathal Textbook Store.

Jan. 22

A subject sent a threatening message over email.

Jan. 28

An unknown subject cut a hole in the chain link fence at Panther Village.

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