Intramural sports need a student voice

Intramural sports can accentuate the college experience for those who do not play intercollegiate sports.

Intramural sports can accentuate the college experience for those who do not play intercollegiate sports.Intramural sports are for all students, not just those involved in official Chapman team sports, and compete with other Chapman students instead of other colleges.We know that intramurals exist here at Chapman, but why do we not feel their presence?Intramurals should become a more integral part of the Chapman experience.This is not to harangue Chapman’s intramurals program by any means.In fact, considering the limited amount of time, space, and staff allocated to the program, it has done a fine job of serving student demand.The lack of facilities cannot be stressed enough, as it is the one issue that is impervious to a growing intramurals program. This fall, the program is slotted to receive just 4 1/2 hours a week of facilities use between two sports, though this could increase because of the new Allred Aquatics Center.Still, Chapman is a relatively small school, thus we cannot blame the university for the inadequate amount of room.The answer to this space case is simply an example of supply and demand: If students profusely demonstrate that they desire a bigger, stronger intramurals program with more facilities, the school will eventually be forced to cater to their wants.Though this ask and you shall receive” paradigm is slightly more complicated, it marks the basics of a logical solution. Consequently, the responsibility of creating a more ardent intramurals program lies on the students.Indeed, it will take an abundance of student initiative, but constructing a strong intramurals program at a small university is not beyond the walls of reason.This, however, does not necessarily require new campus amenities. Students at other small schools like Claremont-Mudd-Scripps have taken some intramural events, such as bowling, off campus, an idea we don’t doubt the intramurals program at Chapman would listen to.Unfortunately, we cannot forget to note that the current intramurals program has done a poor job of public relations.This is a very fixable problem. If the program learned to more efficiently utilize all of the resources at its disposal, like mass e-mails and on-campus postings, it could easily make its existence more palpable. This would attract the casual students who may be interested in intramurals, but need a slight push to get involved.It will take the help of these students, as well as others passionate about intramurals to make a significant impact on the Chapman community. However, if the demand is there and learns to exert itself, Chapman intramurals can become a force to be reckoned with.

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