Love it or leave it’ argument invalid

Well, that’s it, I can no longer contain myself. For several weeks in a row, I’ve read these letters to the editor about how Troy Pickard is a dirty stinking communist who shouldn’t be allowed to express his opinions in the paper.The most recent idiotic complaint is that, (the Campus Life) section should be reserved for actual happenings on campus.”Perhaps Richie feels that the 12 other pages of The Panther, dedicated completely to on-campus events, don’t do the job.Moreover, Richie states that Pickard ought to leave the United States and live in a country where freedom of speech is not granted by the controlling regime.Does one need to point out the hypocrisy of this statement? She is basically saying that people should love the United States and not say anything negative about it, because you are able to say negative things about it.I don’t always agree with what Pickard writes, but he seems to be the only one on this whole damn campus who does appreciate this country, and he does it a great honor by maintaining a level of journalistic integrity and voicing the issues he has with it.P.S. “Bush II” is far too kind a term for that election-stealing racist primate.

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