Pharmacy school associate dean elected American Pharmacists Association president

Lawrence "LB" Brown

Lawrence “LB” Brown

Lawrence Brown, the associate dean of Chapman’s school of pharmacy, was announced as the next president of the American Pharmacist Association (APHA) Aug. 2.

Ronald Jordan, the dean of the school of pharmacy, said Brown will be able to bring attention to Chapman and the school of pharmacy through his new position.

“His ability to help us recruit great faculty and attract great students is going to be magnified substantially through that national position and the travel and exposure he’ll have as he carries Chapman’s name around the world,” Jordan said.

Brown turned in his application to be considered as a candidate for president last fall.

The application asked him to talk about his pharmaceutical background, committees he has served on in APHA and other accomplishments. From these applications, the nomination committee selected two people to run for each position.

Brown said he was informed of the results by Thomas E. Menighan, CEO of APHA, while driving with his family to Florida for a conference

“Your chest is in your throat because you’re nervous about what the results are going to be,” Brown said.

Applicants were also required to identify their plans for the association and their vision for the future of pharmacy. Brown’s vision is to reach a point where Americans will view pharmacist-provided medication therapy management services as common place, much like pharmacist-provided flu shots are now.

Medication therapy management is essentially the use of drug therapy to improve the quality of a patient’s life.

Brown plans to improve patients’ perceptions of pharmacists and the roles they can play in the health care system. He wants to continue to encourage pharmacists in the U.S. and other counties to become more involved in providing medication therapy management services to patients.

Brown’s qualifications include previously serving as an associate professor and director of graduate studies in health outcomes and policy research for the University of Tennessee’s College of Pharmacy.

In addition to currently being the associate dean, he is also a professor of pharmacoeconomics and health policy for Chapman’s pharmacy school.

Brown said he was confident in his ability to successfully act as associate dean and president-elect, citing his experience with the Air Force working as a pharmacy technician.

“I’ve always had way more going on and way more to do than the typical person, so I’m used to getting a lot accomplished in a lot quicker time,” Brown said.

Jordan, a former president of APHA, offered Brown advice based off his own experiences.

“I think he’s going to have a lot of demands on his time and his desire to make a difference or have an impact through the position,” Jordan said. “In this time as president-elect, he needs to carefully look at what the various priorities are for the position and determine something that is really doable in the year he is going to be there.”

The health sciences campus, purchased in 2012 for $20 million, is located in Irvine. Chapman’s pharmacy school is planning to admit its first class in fall 2015.

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