Philz Coffee set to open Old Towne location in November

The popular San Francisco-based coffee shop, Philz Coffee, faced delays in construction, but is now set to open in November. Photo by Kento Komatsu, staff photographer

What was once an old auto center on Glassell Street is set to be a bustling new coffee hang out. Philz Coffee, the popular San Francisco-based coffee shop, will open the doors of its Old Towne Orange location in November.

Last fall, when a “coming soon” sign indicated that a Philz Coffee location was being built in Old Towne Orange, students and residents anticipated the announcement of when it would officially open.

Philz Coffee marketing communications manager Jolie Meschi told The Panther that delayed construction resulted in the shop’s tentative opening.

“It has taken longer than anticipated, (which) is very typical of construction so there is nothing unusual,” Meschi said.

She explained that inspection procedures delayed the process. Construction was to take about a year, but due to the delays, Philz Coffee is set to open later than planned.

Philz Coffee started as a convenience store run by Phil Jaber in 1978 San Francisco and has grown into a franchise with over 50 locations in various U.S. cities, including Los Angeles and Washington D.C. It was established with the goal of “better(ing) the days of everyone who walked in,” according to its website.

Philz Coffee’s presence is unsurprising to some given the trend of stores opening in Old Towne. The Orange Plaza was once occupied with antique malls and eateries, but is now home to boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. Businesses like Urth Caffe, Afters Ice Cream and Snooze Eatery have all opened their doors in recent months.

The increase in businesses of this type not only presents employment opportunities, but could attract more students to Orange as Chapman and the community grow. Philz Coffee will be hiring 24 to 30 employees, Meschi said.

Changes in business types have not only touched the Orange Plaza, but the city of Orange as a whole, according to Paul Sitkoff, public information officer for the City of Orange.

“Businesses like Philz Coffee wants to come to Orange and we encourage them to come,” Sitkoff said.

The idea of a Philz Coffee near campus has been exciting for some Chapman students.

Noelle Habashi, a freshman integrated educational studies major said that she frequented her neighborhood Philz and is looking forward to the shop’s opening.

“It’s a part of home for me,” she said.

Most students are not concerned about the coffee shop’s ability to compete with the high volume of similar businesses in the area. This can be credited to the unique qualities that many Philz Coffee drinkers love.

“Philz is different, because there’s a lot of interesting things they do, like the drink called the ‘Mint Mojito’ that has actual stems of mint in it,” said Marjan Moshiri, a sophomore sociology major. “They do that extra thing that makes their drinks interesting and not just your typical cappuccino.”

As excitement continues to mount as the coffee franchise’s tentative opening approaches, the community will soon find out if its unique blends and approach to business will live up to the hype.