The Pie Hole, The Burger Parlor open in Old Towne

From macaroni and cheese-filled pies to stacked burgers, the food options in Old Towne have now expanded.

The Pie Hole and The Burger Parlor both opened to long lines in the Orange Plaza May 2.

The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole opened in Old Towne Orange May 2. Photo by Chloé Arrouye.

The Pie Hole opened in Old Towne Orange May 2. Photo by Chloé Arrouye.

The Pie Hole, located off North Glassell Street and East Maple Avenue, sells a variety of sweet and savory pies as well as gourmet organic coffee. Individual pies and slices are baked daily, and whole pies are also available for purchase.

“I’ve been craving pie for like a month and now I can finally have it,” said Kassy Khandjian, a freshman pharmacy major.

Sweet pie flavors include Mexican chocolate and “cereal killer” cheesecake. Savory pies include shepherd’s pie and chicken with cornbread.

The drinks menu has specialty options like flavored lattes and horchata, a traditional Mexican beverage usually made with sweetened rice, cream and cinnamon.

“I just got a coffee, but it was awesome,” said Juliana LaBarbiera, a senior theatre studies major. “It’s about the same price as Starbucks and so much more original and better.”

Personal pies and slices at The Pie Hole range from about $5 to $8, with a whole pie closer to the $30 to $40 range.

Cameron Clow, a freshman digital arts major, enjoyed the macaroni and cheese pie and the Earl Grey tea pie but said the food was a bit pricey.

“Seven dollars is a little too expensive, but the mac and cheese one was a whole personal pot pie,” Clow said. “Seven dollars for a slice is too expensive too, but it was really good. So I’d say if you go sparingly, it’s worth it.”

Other students thought the pricing was nothing out of the ordinary.

“I think the pricing is the same as anywhere in the (Plaza),” LaBarbiera said.

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The Burger Parlor

The Burger Parlor opened in Old Towne Orange May 2. Photo by Chloé Arrouye.

The Burger Parlor opened in Old Towne Orange May 2. Photo by Chloé Arrouye.

Just a few doors down, The Burger Parlor, which offers a selection of hormone-free burgers and sandwiches, opened its second location. The Burger Parlor also has vegetarian and vegan options, including a portobello mushroom substitute for any protein, and offers craft beers, shakes, malts and sides.

“The Sriracha fries are bomb,” said Emily Suh, a junior digital arts major. “Definitely a must have.”

But the cost is still an issue for some students.

“It was relatively expensive for the amount of food I was getting, but it was a good burger and they got it out fast,” said senior screen acting major David Patty. “I had a burger for $11 when you can get a full pizza next door (at The Pizza Press) for less.”

The burgers average around $8 to $11, with sides at an additional charge.

“My burger was cooked really well and I had a Nutella and banana milkshake which was the kind of milkshake you can drink right away and it was great, but I didn’t get fries because of the extra charge,” said Riley Zehnle, a news and documentary major.

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