Public Safety officer assaulted at Chapman Grand apartment complex

chapman grandA hooded suspect punched a Public Safety officer and knocked him or her to the ground at the Chapman Grand apartment complex in Anaheim at around 3 a.m. Thursday, according to a crime alert bulletin sent out by Chapman’s Department of Public Safety.

The suspect, who is described as a mid-to-late 20s white or Hispanic male with a mustache, was standing on an enclosed patio in the complex facing Katella Avenue when an unidentified Public Safety officer saw the suspect and believed he might be committing a crime, according to the email.

After the officer “made contact” with the suspect, the suspect jumped over the patio wall and punched the officer, causing the officer to fall. The suspect continued to physically assault the officer after he or she fell. The suspect, who was wearing a dark sweatshirt with red lettering, then fled the scene carrying a backpack.

The suspect still poses a threat to members of the community, the email said, and anyone with information that may aid in the investigation is encouraged to contact Public Safety.

Chief of Public Safety Randy Burba declined to confirm the identity of the officer for privacy reasons.

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