Rocky Horror Picture Show fulfills promise to be ‘extra weird’

Chapman’s The Players’ Society (TPS) performed their annual production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. TPS hosed four shows in total, including a Halloween show Nov. 1. In the Halloween show, performers substitute original costumes to the “sexy Disney” theme. MIA FORTUNATO Staff Photographer

Irvine Lecture Hall was full of over 100 Chapman students waiting anxiously for the annual production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Nov. 1. The performance had a special twist: it was the Halloween show, promising to be “extra weird.” Everyone substituted their usual outfits for costumes fitting a unique: “Sexy Disney.” Cast members came dressed as the Cheshire Cat, Gaston, Kermit the Frog and even the frozen head of Walt Disney.

Chapman’s The Players’ Society (TPS) performed their annual production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this semester, with four shows in total, spanning from Oct. 25 to Nov. 2.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is known for its encouragement of self-expression and liberating themes, with a large part of the show focused on freedom and fun that the actors and actresses have on stage. A unique part of Rocky Horror is that several cast members, known as the Transylvanians, take a seat in the audience to shout comments and jokes from their seats at the actors on stage, drawing the audience in to the performance even further.

It was Nat Pendergraft’s second year performing in Rocky Horror. Pendergraft is a sophomore history and television writing and production double major played Brad Majors.

“I did theater in high school and I didn’t like it. I didn’t realize I didn’t like it until I got here,” Pendergraft said. “Coming here, they’re not only fine with me being gay, but they embrace it. I forgot that theater was supposed to be fun, and then I got to TPS and it was fun again.”

Their favorite part of being involved in Rocky Horror is the cast, telling The Panther that the Players’ Society is welcoming and a warm group of students.

“I love the cast. The director and I both live in Chapman Grand, so for the entirety of tech week, after rehearsal, we went to McDonald’s,” said Pendergraft.

George O’Connor, a creative producing major who is on the board of TPS as the historian, joined the club at the end of his freshman year. This is his first year acting in Rocky Horror, acting as a Transylvanian.

“It’s a lot of fun; it’s very different and is a very unique experience,” said O’Connor about his first experience with the show.

Ryan Bell, a freshman political science major, described how auditioning for and performing in Rocky Horror has had an impactful experience on him. He remembered one of the first posters he saw on campus being a poster for this TPS production. He knew right away he wanted to get involved. Through the show and The Players’ Society club, Bell said that he has been able to meet people who have since become his closest friends.

The Players’ Society’s cast and crew put on a hilarious performance, showing everyone in attendance a great time with lots of laughs. It is evident through their performance as well as conversations with their participants that TPS is something special.

Matthew Pinkney, a senior television writing and production major saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time Nov. 1.

He came to the show to support his friends and The Players’ Society, and told The Panther, “everything they do is stellar.”

“I love it; it’s complete chaos. It’s loud, it’s raunchy, it’s completely insane and I love it,” Pinkney said. “It’s the exact energy I wanted when I came here.”