Senate updates: March 30 meeting

Special notes

Vice President-elect Arianna Ngnomire attended the meeting.

University and Academic Affairs

Student government’s Cocoa and Conversation took place in the Attallah Piazza March 27 and 28. The event focused on locating more outdoor study spaces on campus for students and expanding academic resources, including virtual tutoring office hours.

Community outreach

Chapman Dog Day is scheduled for April 28.


The Allocations Committee denied a request for graduation stoles March 28 at Wednesday’s meeting.

Executive Council

Vice President Sarah Tabsh is training Vice President-elect Ngnomire. Molly Weber, the director of public relations, is working with Director of Elections Elliot Gardner to broadcast the upcoming senate elections. Elections will take place April 16-18.

J Street U Chapman funding request

J Street U, a student organization that promotes conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, did not send a representative to the meeting for a funding request of $4,267.07. J Street U wants to attend a three-day conference in Washington, D.C., and wants funding to cover 95 percent of the J Street U members planning on going. Senator Saba Amid, a member of J Street U, testified for transparency. This request is three-fourths of what remains of the student organizations fund. The request will be tabled until a representative is present.

Open forum

Ansley Wong, the Academic Affairs chair, wants to implement Dead Week the week before finals. Wong proposes that, during this week, students will still attend class as scheduled, but professors would not be allowed to administer tests or quizzes. The week would primarily be focused on studying during class time. Schmid College Senator Alyssa Nowlen supports the idea, and Wong wants to start a petition to see if students are interested.


The filing period for senate seats has begun. Applications for director are now live.