Senate updates: March 9 meeting

Executive Council
The executive council is preparing for a meeting about the fitness center.

Presidential and vice presidential elections will take place next week, from March 19-21.

Funding request from ChapTones
ChapTones, a co-ed a cappella group, requested funding for the organization’s semifinals. The group placed second of eight at the International Competition of A Cappella West Quarterfinal in Oregon. ChapTones requested $383.48 per person. They will also hold a fundraising at Pizza Press March 14.

Regina Bryant, a sophomore screen acting major, testified for transparency, since she is a member of ChapTones and is going on the trip. Student government voted to fund partially, paying for each member’s fee, but not for the group’s lodging.

Internal funding request for Cocoa and Conversation
Student government will host Cocoa and Conversation in the Attallah Piazza March 26 and 27 from 10 a.m. to noon.

During the event, students can approach senators and discuss their issues or concerns about campus sustainability. Students will receive free Starbucks drinks at the event. Student government requested $1,109.88, and the request was approved.

Open forum
Underclassman Senator Saba Amid wants to increase communication between undergraduate housing and student government.

Discussion revolved around raffles for “pie-ing” resident advisors and getting student government senators involved. Amid’s idea is to show the student body that student government is much more personable than it may seem.

Rosenberg presented several new initiatives, including a new mailbox to be installed next to the Amazon lockers in Argyros Forum.

There is a planned walkout on gun violence March 14. Administrators have encouraged professors not to penalize students for walking out. The walkout is scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday.