Senate Updates Nov. 4

Funding requests
The diversity affairs committee requested $76 for Sodexo catering for its town hall Nov. 11 from 4-5:30 p.m. The senate voted to fund $80 for the event.

Student government is funding dog water stations for the upcoming Chapman Dog Day on Nov. 12.The senate is also funding $216.98 for food and beverages.

Student organizations printing
Speaker of Senate Mitchell Rosenberg wants to have one designated student organizations printing center with a color printer. Rosenberg hopes to build it into the budget and senate will address it more in future meetings.

Library hours
Senators are looking to change library hours on Sundays from closing at 12 a.m to closing at 2 a.m.

Closed campus
Library officials say they cannot close off the library at anytime throughout the year to just Chapman students.Student government originally wanted to close the library off to the public during finals week.

Supplemental instruction funding
Senators proposed to increase funding for supplemental instruction to allow for more students to use the resource on campus. The tutoring center will be cutting tutors due to a budget deficit and senators are concerned that budget cuts will cause fewer students to have access for tutoring.

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