Don’t write off the Leatherby Libraries

Essraa Nawar

Essraa Nawar

Guest column by Essraa Nawar, Assistant to the Dean for Communications, Leatherby Libraries

You may think of your library as nothing but a place full of books or a place to study, hang out and get coffee. However, the library has more to offer students than just a quiet space.

The library offers a myriad of services and research opportunities to help students reach their full potential — it is also a collection of artifacts, exhibits and events, as well as an open exhibit space for students.

The Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives provides access to unique collections: rare books, manuscripts, maps, art and artifacts as well as materials about the history of the university and the Chapman family on the fourth floor. Stop by to see some of its treasures and learn how the librarians can support your learning through primary research materials.

The Leatherby Libraries is also a hidden art museum, with walls and display cases filled with museum-worthy artwork. Among Disney and toy collections, underwater photography and turtle collections, you will find something to look at on each floor.

Students, faculty and researchers consistently praise the library for its attention to the visual arts, on gallery walls, in permanent installations and in display cases throughout the building.

The Leatherby Libraries are distinctive because of the focus on the integration of art and exhibitions to bring to life the content of the collection. When you get a chance, pick up a hard copy of the “Discover the treasures!” document at the reference desk and have fun exploring your library.

The library offers many events and activities for every interest. From author meetings and book signings, to revolutionary art of Latin America, Mexican-American women in softball, banned books and Sikhs in the Great War, you’re bound to find an activity that suits your fancy.

Each school, college or department has its own subject liaison librarian, and our Leatherby librarians are always ready to lend a research hand. Subject liaison librarians offer individual research consultations to help students with assignments, projects and papers.

The library also has an open exhibit space and student art is always wanted. Our library prides itself on sharing its generous physical space and open environment with our academic family and our community.

Have you ever studied inside the Italian Heritage Archive group study room? At Leatherby Libraries, we want to provide students with enhanced learning and discovery. Half of our group study rooms are themed and have wonderful and inspiring stories and art inside them.

Along with the library’s website and the digital media screen located on the first floor, it also has a Facebook page on which students, faculty, researchers and other Chapman employees can keep up to date with the latest news, pictures, events and activities happening at the Leatherby Libraries.

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