Theatrical makeup class at Chapman gets spooky

Three months into the semester, the theatrical makeup class at Chapman has already explored corrective makeup, avant-garde, clown and old age makeup, said professor Joyce Cantrell, who teaches costume construction and theatrical makeup classes at Chapman.

Psychology major Sara Mulhern is the only freshman in her theatrical makeup class, and is a certified makeup artist and esthetician in Massachusetts. She spent 300 hours over the summer in Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics.

From putting on mascara as a 6-year-old dancer to becoming a licensed artist, Mulhern  has come a long way, she said.

Mulhern (left) practices various looks in class and does her friends’ makeup, including Jacqueline Alves, a freshman Screenwriting major (right) . Photo courtesy of Sara Mulhern

Mulhern mastered one of her looks for this class while discussing avant-garde makeup. According to experts, avant-garde is about creativity and expression. It focuses on being dramatic, artistic and often extreme.

Mulhern’s avant-garde look. Photo courtesy of Sara Mulhern

Here is Mulhern’s avant-garde look in 10 steps:

What you’ll need: a sponge, foundation, blush, pink eye shadow, white priming mascara, glitter freckles, pink lip liner, dark red mascara and fake blood.

  1. Use a dampened sponge to apply foundation on your face and neck. Always match the tone to your neck to make sure it blends well.
  2. Add dimensions to your face by contouring with a darker shade. Add some color around the edges of your face (temples, forehead and underneath cheekbones).
  3. Add some blush to your cheeks.
  4. Focus on your eyes next. Use a peachy pink eye shadow and         blend it into the crease and eyelid. Make sure that there is nothing dark in the crease, and  blend underneath the eye as well.
  5. Use white priming mascara to make your eyelashes look longer. Use the same on your eyebrows. The white aspect of the look accentuates the ethereal look according to Mulhern.
  6. Take a dark red mascara and start from the inner corner of your eye and extend it to a point next to your eye.
  7. Use glitter freckles to cover your freckles (Mulhern uses a cream application). After spotting the glitter freckles, contour your nose in the same manner as step two.
  8. Use a peachy pink lip liner.
  9. Use the same mix of dark red to extend your lips, blend it into the lip color. This achieves a slightly creepy clown look.
  10. Draw fake tears with red lip liner so that it is easier to add the fake blood later. Do the same to the corner of your mouth. Add the fake blood in the path that you drew beforehand.

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