10 things freshmen should know before school starts

1. You can get into that class. If you’re waitlisted for a class, just make intense eye contact with everyone else on the waitlist during the first class session and watch them all buckle under the pressure.

2. Check Blackboard regularly. It’s unlikely that your professor will get every Blackboard update emailed to the class but will definitely have a quiz ready for the next class that you didn’t know was coming.

3. You don’t always have to buy that textbook. Most of the time you don’t even need to rent it. Wait for the first class to decide if the required text is actually required.

4. Bring Tupperware to the caf and get the most bang for your Panther-buck by taking some snacks for later.

5. Jumping in fountains is encouraged. If you somehow missed the fountain-hopping excursion that your RA lead your dorm floor on, take advantage of the many fountains while it’s still hot outside and jump in.

6. Take advantage of free pens. If you play your cards right, you never have to pay for pens in college. Hit up every involvement fair and table in the piazza and go nuts.

7. Befriend people with cars. The day will come when you want to go to the beach, to the mall or to Disneyland. On these days friends with wheels come in handy. Also, can you ever have too many friends?

8. Walking to the Starbucks in the plaza might be faster than waiting at the location on campus. In the time it takes to wait in line, order and get your drink at the Beckman Starbucks, you can walk down to one of the two locations in the circle, order within a few minutes and be back on campus with your drink before you can say “double caramel mocha frappuccino.”

9. Maintain proper laundry courtesy. Don’t throw people’s wet clothes on the floor or do anything you wouldn’t want someone to do to your clothes.

10. Renting out study rooms in the library is a good option for a place to get your homework done and provides quiet time for studying so that you can ace all of your tests. Just make sure you book them early when midterms and finals roll around, because they fill up fast.

11. Know the places in Orange that are open after midnight. We’ve got you covered for this one.

12. Meal points for the caf don’t carry over from week to week so eat up and don’t waste those points (this is where the Tupperware comes in).

Video by Nick Huntley, additional reporting by Caroline McNally. 

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