Chapman’s hockey team is 0-10, but aspirations are still high

Chapman’s hockey team lost 10 games this season. With no wins, the team is looking to rework its training techniques and practices during the off season. Panther Archives

This season, the Chapman hockey team didn’t win a game. Despite its record of 0-10, coach and 2016 alumnus Tradon Reid said he still aims for the club team to be recognized by the NCAA as an official ice hockey team.

To achieve this goal, Reid said he started rebranding Chapman’s hockey culture last month to create an attractive destination for top hockey players in the West Coast.

“We’re only letting go of two seniors this year and we have a young squad that’s ready to play,” Reid said.

During Chapman’s 2017-2018 season, the team’s record was 0-11. Reid said a major aspect of rebranding the hockey culture at Chapman is increasing its campus exposure.
“(The players have to) let people know that they have games coming up that week or the next week,” Reid said. “Just getting people talking about the team will increase attendance at the games, and it just snowballs from there.”

Reid said when he played for Chapman’s hockey team in 2016, there was much more fan support, which made the game more entertaining for the players and the university.

Freshman center Harrison Lowe said he also advocates for working to engage Chapman students in the hockey games.

One frustration the hockey team faced was the fact that some of their games were cancelled this season. Reid said the decision was made because of the lack of players on campus around interterm.

“For safety issues, we didn’t want to put them in harm’s way with no numbers on the ice with six players against a team of twenty-five,” Reid said.

Players like Lowe understand the critical position the hockey team is in. In order to break through the barriers holding them back, Reid and Lowe both understand the team’s practices need to be adjusted.

“This year we’ll have more commitment to preparation,” Lowe said. “During the off-season, we’re expected to work out and, later in the year, we’ll have more required workouts.”

Despite the challenges the team has faced, Lowe said he still aims for success.

“Last season was a terrible season for us in terms of our record, but we have so much potential,” Lowe said. “I am definitely more committed for this dynamic of the team.”