The DiMascio trifecta: Freshman combines golf, fashion and business

Sydnee DiMascio, a freshman business marketing major, began golfing at 13 years old as a joke. She didn’t intend to like the sport, but after playing multiple times with her friends for fun, DiMascio decided to start taking it seriously.

DiMascio co-owns an online boutique with her mother, Sabrina DiMascio, called Syd & Bean.

“We started it going into my senior year of high school. It’s been such a crazy ride,” DiMascio said. “That’s why I want to go into either being a manager of my own store or a social media marketer. I personally love fashion so my mother really helped me start it up.”

Golf served as a way for DiMascio to bond with her father, Daniel DiMascio, while fashion gave her a sense of camraderie with her mother.

“I’ve actually done the model experience in (Los Angeles) … designers design clothing and you walk on the runway for them,” DiMascio said. “You want to make sure that you do their (designer’s) clothes justice.”

DiMascio, who is also a fashion model, won the 2019 Teen Face of Arizona Foothills Magazine competition, in which there were five months of online voting for over 200 model contestants. Faculty members of the magazine and previous winners chose her to represent the magazine in a spread for its February issue.
Ming Lao, head golf coach, said DiMascio is coachable.

“She’s in a sorority, and I know she models and still finds time for golf,” Lao said. “If she struggles, then I’ll approach her, but right now she’s balancing everything really well. She listens, and she wants to get better. I think the ceiling is unlimited for her.”