Jordyn Krohn: freshman first baseman leads team with 3 RBIs

Freshman first baseman Jordyn Krohn hit in the go-ahead run in Chapman’s 8-5 win over Whitworth College Jan. 26. Photo by Grant Sewell

For any athlete, the first game of the season is an exercise in shaking off nerves – and  for freshman first baseman Jordyn Krohn, playing in her first-ever college softball game, Jan. 26, that feeling was heightened, as Krohn was the only freshman to start in Chapman’s home opener against Whitworth College.

“I was way more nervous than excited,” she said.

Despite her nerves, Krohn drove in the go-ahead run for Chapman in the team’s season opener, and leads the team with 3 RBIs through two games.

In practice and off the field, her teammates see a much more relaxed version of Krohn. Sophomore outfielder Morgan Gallegos said she admires Krohn’s maturity, but that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“(Krohn) brings great energy and jokes to practice, games and bonding events,” Gallegos said. “Her bubbly personality makes everyone on the team feel happy.”

“Her bubbly personality makes everyone on the team feel happy.”

Junior outfielder Sydney Engelhardt said Krohn balances her competitiveness with a sense of caring for her teammates.

In her family, Krohn is used to being the youngest. Born in Lake Forest, California, about 20 miles from Chapman, Krohn is the youngest of four children. All of her siblings are married with children – Krohn became an aunt when she was in first grade. Krohn said she couldn’t imagine going any farther than a half hour away for college.

“Being close to home has always been important to me,” Krohn said. “My mom is my rock and my dad is my rock times two.”

Sports have always been a big part of Krohn’s life. Before committing to playing softball in college, she swam for 12 years. Growing up, she dedicated most of her time and energy to swimming, then shifting to softball at age 13.

Krohn knew softball was her calling and that if she had the option to play at the collegiate level and also find the best school for her, it would be a win-win, she said. For Krohn, Chapman fit like a glove.

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