Sports Spotlight: Charlie Werman

smhbyon77hthbl8p[1]Name: Charlie Werman
Year: Freshman
Sport: Men’s Tennis

Freshman Charlie Werman has been one of the few bright spots on Chapman’s men’s tennis team, with a team leading 12-4 singles record.

1) How did you begin playing tennis?

My mother played tennis at University of Pennsylvania, so she wanted me to play tennis as a kid. I started when I was 9, so they just fed me balls and I would hit them back. Then I started going to clinics.

2) Did you play any other sports in high school?

I played soccer for three years, baseball for two years and then I played football just for fun most weekends, not on a team or anything.

3) What is your favorite hobby outside of playing sports?

Watching sports. I want to go into a career in sports statistics, so watching all different types of sports and analyzing the games, whether it be football or basketball. I will watch any sport.

4) What is one thing that people wouldn’t know about you?

I was an internationally ranked chess player when I was 7. My dad just brought out a chess board once and was trying to teach me, and I naturally started playing. My dad was pretty good, and I would beat my dad at 7, and I got a ranking, which was 1400, which is like a low level pro.

5) What do you think is the best part of your game?

Probably my forehand, or my serve. Those are definitely my two weapons.

6) Who is your favorite athlete?

Gael Monfils, a tennis player from France. He is basically the most ridiculous and acrobatic tennis player you will ever find. Sometimes he will even take matches just for the show of the audience, but he is incredible. He beat Federer, and ranked 12th in the world. He is absolutely insane.

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