Name: Dylan Garner
Year: Freshman
Sport: Lacrosse
Position: Attack

Freshman attack Dylan Garner is second on the fourth-seeded Panthers in points, with 45. Garner has scored 25 goals and dished out 20 assists. Garner helped Chapman peak at second in the Under Armor Men’s College Lacrosse Coaches Poll and win seven straight games prior to falling to Arizona State in the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference semifinal, 8-7. Garner has had little trouble adjusting to the college game, and try to help Chapman improve on its final four appearance last season.

1) How old were you when you started playing lacrosse and why did you start?

I was probably a fifth grader at the time and it was actually because my older brother played lacrosse. He just saw some people playing lacrosse on the side of the road and asked my dad if he could play and my dad was like “sure why not,” so my dad started coaching both of us at the same time.

2) What motivates you to play your hardest?

Everybody else out there because everybody else is playing 100 percent and especially here everybody is going 110 percent and just working their hardest and so that is what drives me to work a little bit harder as well.
3) What is your favorite aspect of playing lacrosse?

That’s a hard question, but I just like going out and hanging out with the team. All of my friends are on the lacrosse team as well so it’s nice to go hang out with them.

4) What is your favorite part of being a member of men’s lacrosse at Chapman?

Definitely just being able to hang out with the guys and just being able to work hard together. Just actually being able to hang out with the guys and experience doing well with them.

5) What is a hobby of yours aside from lacrosse?

I don’t have any hobbies I guess. Lacrosse is really it. I’m an active Netflix watcher but other than that, nothing much.

6) Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Michael Jordan is definitely up there, but Nicolas Batum on the Portland Trail Blazers because he is very versatile—I am versatile.

7) Do you plan on doing anything with lacrosse in the future?

I’m just going to be coaching at camps over the summer back at my high school but other than that, just working in the offseason and getting better for next year.

8) Do you have a favorite moment or memory from being on the Chapman men’s lacrosse team?

Right now it’s definitely the Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) win when we won in overtime but I’m hoping that with how we’ve been playing, that it’s going to be future games and winning the national championship this year.

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