Sports spotlight: Garrett James

Chapman Athletics

Chapman Athletics

Name: Garrett James

Year: Senior

Major: Business

Sport: Basketball

Position: Point Guard

  1. What got you interested in basketball?

Basketball was my family’s sport. Both of my older sisters played college basketball and my dad was our coach.

  1. As a transfer student who played basketball at a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) school prior to coming to Chapman, what has been the biggest difference between schools from a basketball perspective?

Concordia University is a NAIA Division I school. The biggest difference would have to be the competition level. At Concordia, we played with and against men in their mid 20s and close to 30, who were kickbacks from NCAA Division I schools like Duke.

  1. As last season’s assist leader on the team, and second in the SCIAC in assists, what is your favorite part about distributing the ball?

Fast break assists and being able to make decisions that lead to points, like being the quarterback of the team.

  1. To whom do you contribute to your success at point guard?

My father for coaching and providing me with the best point guard coaches, and watching players like Jason “White Chocolate” Williams.

  1. Your team this year has 11 freshmen. What do you and the rest of your team try to do to get them to feel included, and prepare them for the transition to college basketball?

We just try to give them our experience and coach them up as much as we can so they can succeed in the future.

  1. Your team has had an incredible season so far winning five straight games. How do you keep the team humble and get them prepared for the next games?

We have a bunch of experienced guys and we know we have a good team. It’s a long season, so after each win we just have to focus on the next game.

  1. What is your favorite part about the game of basketball?

Being a part of a team.

  1. What is the hardest part about being a student athlete?

The student part for sure. Chapman’s academics are no joke, and managing (sports with school work) can be difficult.

  1. What has playing basketball taught you about yourself outside of the game?

What hard work and determination can do you for myself.

  1. Pick five people, fictional or non-fictional, that you would want on your team to fight off a zombie apocalypse.

Rick Grimes, Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Lawrence, Bear Grylls and John Ian.

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